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How to tackle the Challenges of Parenting in this Modern World

The college admissions scandals brought to the limelight a sensational story. It also served to show how bad things had gotten over time. This was the explosion of a time bomb that had been ticking for a while now. It revealed how affluent parents were using their wealth to pay off college admissions staff to secure placements for their kids. This would mean that the kids who were meant to get those slots would be denied their chance at a better future, and the education system would suffer as a result. As the parents went about doing all they could for their kids, they were in the process making things much wore for their kids. Their actions also affected other innocent kids and their futures.

Money will make you access more things, but it will improve your parenting skills. The better option would be to raise kids who are confident, self-motivated and secure. Money only plays a minute role in this process. This all depends on what you do. There is a need to focus on hard work, so that they can learn to have grit. They need to acknowledge their mistakes and learn from them. They need to learn how to solve their problems unless it is too overwhelming for their age. A spirit of independence is also necessary, for them to learn better judgment, and so act accordingly in your absence.

There is hardly any good that comes from you throwing money at your kids’ problems. Kids have a natural need to be taught good values and shown the right way. They can feel when all they are getting instead is money and nice things. They shall appreciate a comfortable environment, but they need what you can teach them even more. You will manage this when you teach them integrity, empathy, good judgment, and self-control. They need you to guide them and set limits. This shall help them to place realistic expectations on themselves and those around them. Your decision not to teach them that is the same as neglecting them. There is no way you can expect the child to work hard after they have seen you handle their problem with some money. They learn a lot from you, that being one of them. This is how they avoid getting good grades in school. They know you will do something about it with money. They know that this placement you bought for them shall also lead to you buying them a place at work. They know that you shall do the same when it is time for them to get a job. Being a parent is more than what you can afford for your kids.

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