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Next Level Weight-Loss Tips

Those who have never been through the weight loss journey may think it is very easy when in fact it comes as a great challenge. Everyone who decides to take on the weight-loss journey goes through the glycogen depletion phase followed by the fat loss phase and then the plateau and finally the metabolism recovery phase. Every phase of the weight-loss journey has its own challenges which may defer from the others. Most people choose to give up on their ideal weight when they reach the plateau phase. It is usually unfortunate to have to start all over again when you give up at the plateau phase when it is only one step away from your goal. The following pointers will help you get through the plateau phase and move up to the next level weight-loss.

One of the things which you ought to do in the plateau phase to attain the next level weight-loss is to cut down your calorie intake. If you are on a diet as part of the weight loss plan, the diet ceases to be enough to help cut more weight in the plateau phase. Lowering your caloric intake or undergoing metabolic testing are the two ways through which you can use to reduce calories.

You could also enhance your workout besides cutting down your caloric intake to shed more weight. High-intensity interval workouts have over time proven to be more effective in burning more calories in comparison to moderate-intensity workouts. In addition, you should include some variation into your workout routine. You should always target the weaker muscles in your routine workout because they are the ones which take in more calories than the efficient muscles.

You should also avoid the intake of carbs if you are to achieve the next level weight-loss. By taking carbohydrates, you will be jeopardizing your mission of losing weight because they store calories as fat and make you add weight or retain it. Additionally, taking a low-carb diet can minimize the presence of hormones which induce hunger and makes you consume less food in general.

It is also crucial that you learn to say no to other drinks which seem to be but are not water if you are to overcome the plateau phase and attain your next level weight-loss goal. Taking in other drinks like sports drinks, coffee, beer and juices and among others does you more harm by swaying you away from the next level weight-loss which you are aiming at without your knowledge. You should always remember throughout your plateau phase that the devil is in unnecessary snacking which mostly comes as a temptation to counter the feeling of dehydration and therefore requires that you have natural water to quench your thirst and keep you feeling full.

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