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What you need to Know about the Connection of the Tylenol and the Autism.

The autism awareness is growing by the day, which has led to some attention being paid to some medication like the Tylenol. Tylenol is one of the most common over-the-counter medication, that you are more likely to get in most household’s drawers. There have been many controversies around the correlation of this very common drug with autisms, which is surprising but this does not mean causation.
Most people experience various aches and pains when pregnant and Tylenol is one of the major drugs that they take for this. A number of the researches say that this can cause autism, while the majority differ.

Mostly, the connections are based on the acetaminophen side effects, which is something that you will find in most of the pain killers. There have been studies showing that there is a relative increase in the risk factor of getting the autism and ADHD with the consecutive use of the Tylenol. Relative risk means that something, between the two experimental groups, could happen, and nothing to do with the finding the odd. The immediate recall could have been done a long time ago if there have been studies showing absolute risk. There are a whole lot of the mitigating factors like substance abuse, smoking, poor diets, and trauma, not to mention inherited condition that these studies couldn’t account for. The original studies acknowledged that the Tylenol short-term used do not have even the relative risk for the autism, and the doctor are still prescribing the Tylenol because they do not see any causes for the alarm.

The chances of the fetus having issues increase with the increase in the inflammatory eicosanoids and cytokines, and since the pain goes hand in hand with the inflammation then they should be really careful with the painkillers that they use. If you are among the people that have concerns over the Tylenol then you should talk to your doctor about other alternatives. Genetic factors, the brain abnormalities that happen at birth, affecting the brain part that controls the density perception and also controls language, age and German measles past history of the mother are among the known cause of autism. A good diet is one of the ways that you can make sure that you get a healthy baby, and remembered to stick to the anti-inflammatory one, alcohol and drugs, sugary snacks. You should also regularly see your doctor and check this article.